Friday, November 2, 2012


Hi! I've been married for seven years and in my mind have failed to be the best wife I can be for a majority of those years. Taking a step back, reviewing how I was treating my spouse, lacking in my house and not living up to the standard God wants me to live up to I decided to go back to a time in period that I've always loved, 1950.
This blog is about trying to uphold a 1950's wife standard in a modern 2012 world. Of course not every wife can stay home and be a typical "Susy homemaker" but we can all surely strive to be the best one we can be when we're home.
I think women feel that if they stay home or take on the responsibilities of the house that they're being oppressed by their husband or society but that's not true, at least not to me. I believe a man's pride is in what he can provide for his family and lavish his wife with and a woman's pride should be how she takes care of her family and household. Neither one is better than the other, they're equal.
Society has placed a demeaning view on a woman that doesn't hold a career. I believe one of the most important career's a woman can have is being the lady of the house. Of course this world is a lot more expensive to live in than it was in 1950 and two working incomes are more of a necessity than anything else, but it doesn't mean the husbands get to just put the need for more money on his wife's shoulders. He needs to be a man, suck it up, and work as hard as he can to provide and then if need be ask for help from his wife, his teammate, his partner.
In this blog you'll find me living, to the best of my ability, the standards of not only a 1950's wife but a Godly wife as well as I return to school, earn a degree and work.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Prov. 31:10


  1. What about the idea that women in the 1950's used to take spankings regularly? Do you believe that the husband is the head and can punish his wife for shortcomings when he sees it right?

  2. Can you please locate evidence of this? Or was this in a particular obscure "reading" you found online? I've interviewed many 50's housewives, and have yet to find someone that can validate your claim.

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