Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guide Rule #5

Minimize all noise:

At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet.

After a stressful day of commuting and working and being pulled in 10 different ways at all once it's nice to come home to a quiet home and have the feeling of peace and tranquility. 
I honestly don't know any sane person that wants to have chaos and noise surrounding them all day, wherever they go. There's something about coming home to a relaxing lit house with hardly any noise. 
A few things to have turned off or quieted by the time your husband comes home from work would be:
  1. The Television- However, set the remote next to his chair or spot in the sofa so that he can turn it on when he's ready. You're not sure what show he may be feeling like watching, if any. This will also remind him that you've been working hard all day. If he comes home and the TV is on he might wonder if you were watching TV most of the day and then popped up when you heard him pulling up the driveway.
  2. Dish Washer- Even though we have whisper quiet dishwasher's now, it's still nice to have it as quiet as possible. The smell of the dish detergent may be an annoyance to him. After a hard day anything could put anyone in a foul mood. Hand wash whatever needs to be taken care of and place them on the dishwasher's rack to drip dry so they're out of sight out of mind. 
  3. Radio- Have you ever been so overworked or irritated that even the radio in the car was bugging you? This could be true for him on any given day so play it safe and turn whatever tunes you had playing for you throughout the day off when it gets close to his arrival.
  4. Hang Up The Phone- If you happen to be gabbing with a friend or perhaps someone just called make sure to end the call before he gets home so that he can have all your attention as you greet him by the door. The most annoying thing in the world is to be happy to see someone and then have a finger placed in front of your face telling you to wait a second while they're on the phone.
  5. Children- If you have kids, particularly small ones, you may want to train them that quiet play time has to happen at least 30 minutes before dads arrival. Have them read a book, play a quiet educational game (that doesn't create a mess). I say 30 minutes before he gets home that way it'll give them time to get use to bringing their energy level down plus you never know when hubby might be coming home early!
  6. Pets- If you have a dog or dogs you might want to put them outside or crate them before hubby comes home. Some people don't mind being greeted by their beloved furry family members, but others don't want to have their dog(s) jump up on them as soon as they walk in the door. Use your judgement on this one. This one will truly depend on what your husband wants. 
I want to add that on top of the noise reduction I also think the house should have relaxing lighting. If you have dimmers then dim the light to a soft glow. If no dimmers then just turn on lamps instead of the fixtures overhead. You can also just turn on certain lights that will light up the house without being overbearing. I personally like to put on the lamp in the living room and then the kitchen light is usually on since I'm in there preparing dinner. 
Sometimes nightlights are a good thing too. They can be pretty bright, light up a room fairly good and give off a soft glow. The ultimate would be to have candles burning! Soft ample light, romantic and relaxing, just make sure they're high enough away from the dog or kids. Candle wall sconces are great too.
Hopefully these all help you continue on your path to being a perfect 1950's housewife and remember, You get what you give.

Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers,
 be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8


  1. What happens if you don't do any of these things? Will he leave? will he shout? Will you get a slap? Perhaps he will have an affair? Will you think you deserve all these things? If he leaves you what life skills will you have to go it alone? I honestly thought this blog was a joke. I wish it was.

    1. The answer to your first question is that you should never have gotten married and hopefully your victim/husband required a pre-nuptial agreement before placing his life in your troublemaking hands.

  2. Get what you give, let's examine.



  4. Nope... just please ur man... he will please you.. but always remember ; Your husband , is your King, your Priest of your house and above all ur Husband and knows best!

  5. I didn't go to law school to stay home to cook, clean, and primp for a man to make sure his comfort is catered to, and therefore I'll feel good about myself. When we do things around the house for each other, we do it out of love for each other. Not because we're expected to. The 50's weren't the epitome of tranquility and gentility that people look back fondly upon (neither were the 1850s or 1750s.) Certain parts of white society seems to pine for a time that never actually happened. I say white society, because minorities lived a parallel, yet unequal life usually on the other side of the tracks in the 1950s. We know where they lived in the 1850s and 1750s.

    People who are living this life now, with the 1950's clothes and hairstyles are just playing out a satire of the time they long for. That's fine, so long as they understand that and realize that's not how things were, outside of the tv families.

    1. Maybe the woman are doing it for themselves? I work from home, I also cook, clean and pick up after the children because my husband works late. I like to doll myself up. I love to cook and I love having a clean home.
      When he gets home from work, I know he has been working hard and he knows that Ive been working hard. We sit, he might have a whiskey or a coffee and I might have a martini or coffee, but then we eat, the kids go to bed and the adults chat about our day and make sure communication is still strong between us - so no TV is on at that time - the radio would be on or background music.

      I feel a clean and organised home is a very relaxing a calming environment for all of us. A messy and cluttered home just shows you have let go.
      I work in my office, at home from 8am to 5pm from monday to friday and at 5pm, I start dinner, make sure all dishes are put away from the day, set the table, I then wait til the dinner is nearly done, then I put it in the oven until about 30 minutes before he gets home.

      This way, we dont eat late, we all sit together as a family, in a relaxed environment.

      But, I just like looking my best and I love a clean and orderly home. Maybe you are one who doesnt care for those things. So, whatever works for you...

  6. Kittie L. in KansasMay 21, 2015 at 12:49 PM

    Good Lord Almighty!
    I was under the impression that Women's Liberation was to allow We Women to be Liberated and make our own choices. As such you women claiming to be so forward moving should be ashamed of yourselves!!! This is her CHOICE! It is also MY CHOICE and the, yes, again... CHOICE of many Women. Myself, I enjoy being a submitting wife. My husband treats me like a true Lady. He opens doors for me, takes out the trash w/o being asked, I take care of the bills and finances, shopping and arranging household repairs and whatnot. He takes care of all the heavy lifting. Trash, painting, home maintenance projects, vehicle repairs and maintenance. He attends Church with his wife and children EVERY SUNDAY. He doesn't complain and try to get out of it. He has never "Ditched" myself or our kids. He trusts my judgements and respects my decisions, but for the record, I never "Finalize" any Family decision w/o his approval, and truly, I'm happy with that arrangement. When I met my husband (Before I agreed to our FIRST DATE) I made sure that we were on the same page. It was awesome that I found a man willing to be a man and willing to allow me to be a Lady. At any rate, I suppose I just want to point out that The idea of allowing Women to be liberated and the Freedoms that My great nana and my nana and my MaMa before me fought so hard for is to make it truly our choice as Women to decide what it is to be Free and equally respected. I AM respected, by my Husband, Children, my PTA, my hubby's co-workers, Our Church. Frankly, I have Never been disrespected or mistreated by anyone, ever, due to my Pretty feminine dresses, ruffly aprons, 5 tier b-day cakes hand made from scratch, my lovely shawl being draped over my shoulders by my handsome, well groomed, well spoken, well dressed and amazing career having hubby. No one has ever shown disdain or anger toward myself or my hyper, feisty, loving family for asking politely to merge 2 tables due to family size (Family of 6) saying prayers at our restaurant table, or my teens gently reminding my 8 yr old to wash his sandy hands b4 eating.
    No, we don't have separate beds and sometimes I forget to wipe the sink and shower floor down after bed time showers and tooth brushing and I cheat and do it when I wake at 2 a.m. to tinkle b/c I'm super sleepy or heck, I just don't wanna get up rite then. When I forget to Iron hubby's Sunday faves or have to sneak back to school with a foot long from the local deli for the kids' lunch b/c I was overwhelmed and under organized one day I don't get angrily scolded or ridiculed. My hubby wraps his arms around me while I frantically drag out the Ironing board and spray bottle and whisper ",,,,Kittie..... It's ok, I'll wear a work shirt. No one will even notice, after all, we're all there for God, not a fashion show."
    I suppose the point is; I am NOT forced nor am I kept "Barefoot-N-Pregnant" I am an outstandingly happy and overly blessed Wifey and MaMa. I'm this happy because I allow myself the happiness the Good Lord wants for me.
    Don't worry about what the lives of women like me are doing to the "Forward moving thought of Liberation", Instead, worry about what your short sighted, one minded, work work work attitude and lifestyles are doing to those same womens' choices. To hear you complainers carrying on it seams like your idea of liberation and equality is to entrap my fellow sisters and I in doing things your way. In essence, Your idea of liberation seams to be to liberate women from their loving families and put them under the feet of other women who see themselves as "Right". Not very "Forward Moving Thoughtfulness" is it?

    1. But are you happy? are you fulfilled? have you reached self-actualization? if so you are why are you so defensive about your life-style?

    2. I am. I am happy. My house isn't spotless, my children defy me when it comes to indoor voices. I don't make the major decisions alone and neither will my husband. I run a business FROM HOME, homeschool my children because I like to teach and figure why not my own? I plan to get my degree but don't plan to use it and to answer your questions. Yes. I'm happy. I know who I am. This was my desire as a child. I have worked outside the home and hated it. This truly does make me happy.

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  10. It's 2019 and I know all these comments were in 2014/2015 but there sure is a lot of self righteous people on this thread. Just because you don't agree with how someone else wants to run their home or live their life doesn't mean you get to berate them and question their happiness or self fulfilment. Your world will not stop turning if someone decides that they prefer to live by these standards.